Wednesday, August 27, 2008

now is the time i wish i had the before and afters...

so the first time i got my braces off i didn't want to tell anybody.
you know see if they noticed.
but now i am so happy to have them off, i want the whole world to know.

so there you have it...
silly little post

Monday, August 4, 2008

more pictures from china

birthday dinner

silly signs

looking down the wall

out side the forbidden city... i think

me and my dad


so I'm liking pictures right now and here are some from our trip to the cabin over the 24th
to bad most of them are small

me and Hillary

Ashley and Andy

Andy's birthday cake

the river

Sunday, August 3, 2008

what about china...

here are some pictures from china... :)
most of these are on my birthday ...
that day we went to the great wall, Ming tombs, jade factory, pearl factory, and i think the summer palace.

in the jade factory with Mandy

dad on the wall

me on the wall

Ming tombs

the dragon had braces... :)

(more to come later...)
i am waiting to put pictures of from dance...

because they are on my dads computer and he has it in china with him...

so when he gets back... you will have pictures.

heres our hotel

there were too many pictures to do it all in one post... but our hotel was pretty cool so i had to do some pictures.
in the lobby
this is our room... sorry i didn't have any better pictures...
it was a totally funky hotel but i liked it
well I'm lame but here are a few pictures from my new york trip that i took back in like may. i had to buy a memory card when i was almost done with the trip so i don't have a lot of good pictures. and i missed all of the Yankees game. well i got one... :)

here is from our seats at the game... thanks dad for getting them!

me and Eden in the subway

all the girls (except two) on the empire state building

me on the empire state building... i know I'm kind of funny looking