Thursday, February 11, 2010


I don't have anything creative to say so i am just going to post some random pictures!

just Alana, me and Hannah with Slurpee's! these girls are my best friends!!!

Sarah and me at the brand new concert (Micheal jumped in on it too)

in case you guys didn't know... this is my best friend!!!

i didn't realize until i was looking i never put pictures up from our last adventure....
so here they are!!!
(same photographers. same girls. different places)

the three of us at the capitol
just us and our normal faces

outside the capitol

SLC library
i am laughing SO hard in this because Kristy was in the elevator next to us making faces.

our feet!

SLC library

Sarah at the Capitol

Andi at the Capitol



jumping in the library

SLC library

Andi the capitol

SLC library







Andi in the library

please let me explain.... its hard to have a straight face when you have a giant stuffed animal dressed as a human behind you.


yep... this is how all of us are normally

this is SICK!!!!


Capitol <3 love these girls!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


such a good concert!!!

Dusty Rhodes and the river band were first! they were WAY good! i am now a fan of them! ha ha
next up was Manchester orchestra which i am still not a HUGE fan of them... but it was pretty good. then was time for Brand new!!! :D THIS is by far my favorite song of theirs followed by THIS one! i didn't like brand new at first but they are some of my favorite now!

my other favorite right now is lady gaga!!! but i am not of fan of the "crap" they play on the radio. still like it... but its not my favorite of hers! THIS happens to be one of my favorites! and THIS one because it almost doesn't sound like her same stuff!