Friday, June 27, 2008

me eating chicken head ...

enjoy cuz i guess i enjoyed the "food" too...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

site seeing

here is some of our site seeing

west lake park
we played bumper cars and walked around

a part of the temple we saw
don't remember what it was called

a 15 story tower on the grounds of the temple

me in front of the the main temple thing

a view of Fuzhou from the third floor of the main building

its really not 1 in the morning for me

so its like 4 in the afternoon and i have nothing to do so I'm posting

here is the low down on our dinner last night.

consisted of:
  • shark fish
  • mushroom soup
  • fried chicken
  • lobster (that kept looking at me)
  • some shell fish and noddles ( that i ate... i know hard to believe. OK i didn't eat the fish, my dad did, but i ate the noodles)
  • octopus soup
  • some desert rolls ( kind of tasted like snickers bars)
  • flying space ships (kind of like a sweet Peta bread)
  • deep fried pork (Mandy's way of describing it was like chick filla)
  • cucumber juice
  • hot corn juice
  • beef (kind of a spicy flavor)
  • tapioca pudding (at least that's what my dad told me it was)
  • more stuff that i cant remember
did i mention that this was a 3 store restaurant that when you walk in you go to the giant fish tanks and pick out what you want to eat... i wish i would have brought my camera to take pictures of it.

so im here

I'm here in Fuzhou china. its been great and hot and its only my second day.

here is the break down on my trip
started Sunday morning in Utah at like 7 am
took a plane to San fan and a lay over for about 2 hours
got on this giant plane to b*********. which was ,well i would say, like 14 hours
got off and had to find our way around an airport that we didn't know where we were going for about 2 hours
our flight was delayed for about30 mins (well what we thought)
we got on our plane and sat for another 2 hours on the ground at our gate. i guess you cant fly in heavy fog...
after that i think it was a 2 hour flight to Fuzhou. I'm not really sure cuz i just slept the whole time :)
at the air port i decided i needed to use a real toilet before i had to pee in a hole on the ground, so i walked into the bathroom and all the stalls were open. so i walked up to the first stall and pushed the door to open all the way, i guess i didn't see the lady chillin on the toilet and she got mad at me. so i went to the next stall and the same thing happened again. i almost gave up and would have peed in the hole but then i thought, what if the same thing happened with the holes. it would have been worse so i gave it one more try and it all worked out fine. (can i just add that everyone looked at me funny too cuz I'm like a good foot taller then everyone, including the guys)
so i didn't know that people were picking us up at the airport(plus when you walk out of the air port its like a red carpet everyone wants you to ride with them it was crazy) so braid and sunny picked us up and we went to our hotel which is very nice and is called shangri-La. i almost cried cuz the bed was so nice, plus it wasn't on an air plane. (can i also just say that during this whole time my dads ankles were swollen and big and he limped the whole time and i just kept laughing at him)

sunny and barid picked us up in the morning to take us to the factory. Joe is our driver (his name really isn't Joe its just a name my dad gave him cuz he doesn't know his real name)

the factory was so warm and i got so tired and we were there for like ever... :( i didn't like it.

we went to lunch at some crazy place and i asked for the bathroom and almost forgot that it was a whole in the ground so i just washed my hands and didn't use it, hoping we would go back to the hotel after. i ate these dumplings that were kind of like pot stickers/egg rolls, chicken soup (when i say chicken i mean the whole chicken was in it and almost looking at me...), beef (that's all sunny said it was but it was like chucks of beef and onions and other things that i have no clue what it was), and a coke. sunny was sitting next to me chowing down on some good old chicken feet but i didn't want to try them. oh and they also think its funny how i don't like sea food.

after lunch they went to the air port to pick up Chris, Mandy, and some other special dudes. i went back the the hotel and had a nap. they came back at like 7 and picked me up for dinner.

dinner almost needs a whole other post, so i think i will cuz this one is way too long as it is.

( side note... i wrote this whole post and then our Internet went out and this is all that saved...)

after dinner we came back to the hotel and slept. woke up the next morning at 8:15 and went to breakfast which was really good cuz it was American food. :) i had pancakes, bacon, fried eggs, toast, and two really good pastries. i tried eating as much as i could so i would be ready for the food they would throw at me today.

then the boys went to work and us girls went shopping and site seeing. we came back and I'm here now... so there is a little update that is mostly for my mom.
peace out

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

dont really have time for this

don't know why I'm doing this cuz i have no time this week... here's
the play by play
  • yesterday was dress rehearsal all day at Kingsberry hall and party at my house
  • today i have another dress rehearsal at 2:30 then preform at 7 then go out to eat with all my dance friends at the pie
  • tomorrow performance at 7
  • Thursday performance at 7 , maybe hang out with Travis :), go to late night breakfast with girls from dance, help with youth conference at 8
  • Friday drive down to snow collage for youth conference
  • Saturday drive back from snow and get packing
  • Sunday head to the air port for the biggest adventure i have yet to go on
  • Monday-Sunday big adventure with Mandy my dad and Chris and some other guys form my dads work (i think)
  • some time in this day i have to fix my costume (rug) sew my pointe shoes,
    clean my room (most likely not going to happen), and so much more...

Monday, June 2, 2008


i cant believe in 4 days i will have had this blog for a year... so i guess i can say happy birthday bloggy! :)
some more big events coming up...
  • 13 days till fathers day... any suggestions?
  • 25 days till the best day of the year!
  • 15 days till my dance recital starts... post later to come explaining it
  • 20 days till i leave for china

and that is only this month

there is a lot i have to get done, as in cleaning my bedroom, so i better go but i just figured i should start using this cuz i guess it is how some of you start conversations with me... :) just kidding

p.s. so you think you can dance is the best show EVER! ( i will post some more on this later... :) oh and also post about new york, and maybe put some pictures up)