Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh how i love you target!

If you have not seen some of these.... YOU NEED TO!!!! hahaha
It is impossible for me to watch one with out laughing... TOO PRIME!!!


I realize that I REALLY suck at this whole blogging thing. I am good for about a week then I am gone for months... This is me trying to be better... HAAAAAAAAA!!

Being sick is NOT fun.

thanksgiving is awesome.

Harry potter was amazing

i am DYING to watch white Christmas right now.....



Forever Young by Youth Group

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tonight is the night i have been waiting for...

13 hours the wait will have ended....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Neon Trees

hence the reason they are awesome.... this is the best version of the song that i have ever heard and its not very hard to see why :)

cant get this song out of my head

song of the week by the group of the week!
Neon Trees are awesome!
one of the greatest things to come out of Provo

So You Think You Can Dance Tour

I was so lucky to be invited to go to the SYTYCD tour with the Woodman's! We went to eat at Stella before. I had never been there before but it was VERY tasty and looking at every body's food made me even more hungry! It's so interesting hanging out with a family of girls instead of boys. ha ha its just so much different! not once we talked about sports, it was so refreshing!

We had tickets on to floor! They would have been amazing had everyone in front of us didn't stand up like the whole time. So after the first few minutes Maddie just stood up and walked away to some empty seats. I have learned you don't mess with a pregnant girl, so we all followed. it was much nicer being where we could see. I loved being with them! all the random comments during the dances, Maddie dancing and Karen making fun of Maddie for dancing.

During the half I went down to visit my friends and they had the idea that i should stay with them and meet the dancers after, not that it took a long time to persuade me. So after the show i meet back up with them and we waited about an hour or so out by the tour buses. It was great to catch up with those girls. Then the dancers started to come out....
Ashley, Nicole and Me.

Courtney from Season 4
first thing she said was "you smell so good!!!" ha ha ha thanks??

Dominic from season 3

Ade from season 5

AdéChiké from season 7

Billy from season 7

Russel the winner of season 6
almost died at this moment in time.... Russel was like my favorite from season 6 and when he came over i had to let him know that! We just sat there talking for a while and he was all "you are the cutest girl ever! give me a hug!!" hence the big old smile on my face... yeah, HENCE!

Jose from season 7

Kent (my future husband) from season 7
Lets be honest here. when the season started i didn't like Kent too much... but i am now in love with him! so i kind of was freaking out inside right at this moment... but when he started walking away i yelled out (because my friends thought i wasn't going to ha ha i showed them) "CAN I GET A KISS???" his response.... "DEFIANTLY!!!" i almost died.

Robert from season 7
may or may not have said that he should have won... he was one of my favorites from the start! nicest guy in the WHOLE world!

Lauren winner of season 7

Kathryn from season 6

Alison from season 2
LOVE her!!!! we talked style for a while with her :) did i mention she is a Utah girl?? well she is :)

Monday, November 8, 2010


This was the longest Halloween of my LIFE! aka Halloween parties at dance ha ha

All of the younger kids get to dress up their last class before Halloween. we pretty much turn on Halloween music and play games, make up dances and have "fun" (its really only fun for the kids). my first day of teaching wasn't too bad because it was only one 30 minute class in the middle of all the rest of them. that day i dressed up as a butterfly. on Wednesday I dressed up like a baby and on Friday i dressed up as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, easy costume! i had everything on hand so it worked out well, all i had to do was find a good way to curl my hair and have it stay for more than 30 minutes. i decided to do the same thing on Saturday too because i was only there for 45 minutes ha ha

I was really lame this year and didn't do anything for Halloween except go to spoon me with Megan and get the creamy pumpkin flavor, watch the Utah game with my favorite family, do Alex and Brittany's make up and watch Brody hand out our candy.

Hope you had a good holiday!

Me and the cute Greaser!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

If you love shoes like me.... Raise your hand!

Travis, Dianna, and Kelli's Saucony collection
(Do you think we like shoes???)