Saturday, July 7, 2007

best weekend ever!

i just got back from my cabin in flaming gorge. wow fishing down the green river in my dads boat. well the only way to explain it is with a picture so here it is.

the first time down the fish were all going to Gpa and hillarys side. but then the second time down i got ten and the last one was a big german brown. it was a beut!

while boating one afternoon, after spencer and alex went home to play a softball game to later come back up that night, me and "brat"ney decided to go tubbing. WOW! i almost crapped my pants. the tube flipped over and we were still hanging on. then after that we went for ever with hillary on too. seriously couldn't have been better.

it was so relaxing to be at my cabin. hillary, ashley, and me even made a spa to make people even more relaxed. we made 6-7 dollars each(i hear i give a pretty mean foot massage).

as sad as i was that i didn't go to cali, i was just loving the cabin.

you cant get better then the waterskiing, fishing, eatting, watching movies, playing card games, tubbing, and spending time with family that i love!


Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

"A beat" ? I can tell you have been spending time with your dad. Thats something he would say!
I am glad you had fun, but I am sure it would have been WAY more fun if I was there. haha ok I am just jealous I wasnt there! Can I get a rain check on the spa thing?

phillup and mandy said...

Hi Kell Bell, I hope you are excited to go to the family reunion with us on friday!