Tuesday, July 22, 2008

im so mad!

so last night Andrea was talking to me and decided to bring up twilight the movie. so i tried watching one of the trailers and i just got mad at myself for watching it.

when i heard they were making a movie i said i wasn't going to watch it because it would never be the same as the book. plus they would not get it right.

now i am just mad because no one looks the way i think they should look except for Alice and Emmet. but they still look weird. but it has made me want to reread the series before august 2.

and i will end up watching the movie but i will be mad the whole time is what I'm guessing.

read this!
it is the first chapter to midnight sun. which is the book from Edwards point of view. its crazy good.

to bad this is the cast... :(


phillup and mandy said...

so i take it you finished the third book, next week baby the next one comes out! And we will have a date with edward. I hate the cast, not at all what i envisioned. edward should be much more like phil!

Katie and Andy said...

Kelli, i'm totally with you. Edward is no where near hot enough! No one can be that perfect but it's like they didn't even try! i'm so excited for the last book!

grow up SERIOUSLY! said...

maybe the cast is the kind that grows on you...

lets hope cuz right now I'm not happy

Maryjane said...

kelli i thought you said you didn't like this series, when did you start reading it again? I love it !

phillup and mandy said...

so the next one comes out SATURDAY are you so excited????

Amanda the Couch said...

dianna thinks she's cool because she won't read these. She doesn't realize that she's lame cuz she won't read em. hahah

i do not LOVE these books like most readers. however they are fun, i really like ed, but bella drives me crazy.