Monday, October 27, 2008

sorry im so lame

here it is finally!

Olympus high school presents:


when: October 24-29 (i know its a little late)
@ 7 PM at Olympus

tickets are 7 dollars a day in advance but the day of the show is 9 dollars.

i will be playing the part of forest sprite and a bird (which are both dancers)

come if ya want.


mub said...

how about I just give you the seven dollars and we will call it good. just kidding you know how I love thespians.

phillup and mandy said...

his glasses were so sexy! i loved when he walked her into school...and most definitely when he went to bite her when they were dancing at prom but then he kissed her, that might be my favorite part! yes, i loved it. brings back fun memories from china!

phillup and mandy said...

time for a new post kell bell, see you at church