Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I NEED to start making this better! haha
lets start with what i have been doing in the past little bit!

Boating with the singles ward

baking a cakes with megan!!!!

at the zoo with awanna and the girls

we play with fireworks!

i hang out with hillary and we go for jeep rides...
and then she gets some mad swass from the seats haha

i have the bestest friend in the whole world!!!
you should all be jealous.....

4th (i guess its the 3rd haha) of July
with Hill and Ash

HENNA!!! (round one)
with Andi and her sis....

Sarah and i went to Cameron Rafati! all i can say is he is AMAZING!!! LOVE

I had the amazing chance to dance with my two best friends for the first time since we met each other about three years ago! LOVE THEM!!!

hanging out with Awanna

had some fun times at Addie's baby shower

and who could forget bowling in Morgan with "storm" HAHAHAHAHAHA


Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

When is that henna going to come off? You love my moms comments :)

hilllary said...

hey!!! you posted my sweaty-ness on your blog!!!!! it was so hott, you have to understand