Saturday, January 1, 2011

What Happens in Vegas.......

oh wait.... nothing happened in Vegas! ha ha

This trip started for me last Monday night when i got Eden to go with me. Tuesday Trent got our hotel and on Wednesday morning we were off! I made sure to pack my coloring books for the drive and just as a had guessed Andy was jealous. Between taking naps, coloring, some great singing, Elf and more naps, we made it! We went up to Eden and my room because the boys "Jacuzzi suite" wasn't ready for them yet. The boys went gambling while Eden and I went exploring! After buying a deck of cards and an hour later we met back up in the room to head out to the game.
The game. that's all that needs to be said.
After me changing in the car without the boys knowing ha ha, we headed to get food. we went as high priced as we could. I means seriously, go big or go home right? lets just say the drug deal going on as we walked into the taco bell was the icing on the cake! when we were leaving Trent got this funny look on his face and asked me if i wore those sweats to the game. Dan, without missing a beat, told Trent that i had changed in the car. And if that didn't make me laugh, Scott's confused/slightly disgusted face topped it off!
If you didn't already know this, if you aren't 21 there is like NOTHING for you to do in Vegas. So after some watching a little of the gambling channel and reading magazines, Eden and i were off to bed.
At nine Box called to say we were leaving in 15 mins.... GREAT! ha ha we got up, got ready and left. When we were walking out Andy decided that he needed to play a few dollars.... little while later Daniel, Eden and I were waiting by the car when they came out with their winnings. Everyone left Vegas a winner, except poor Trentie.
We defiantly stopped at the outlets by request of Andy. After $50 dollars spent on a pair of shoes and a sweatshirt i left happy! After stopping for food and treats at Trader Joe's, we were off!
This car ride we decided to play games until we realized that it was nap time. If you throw in Home alone one and two that would pretty much wrap up the trip.


Julie said...

sounds like fun. I'm glad you guys made it work to go.

susie said...

How many times did your mom call/text to see if you were okay on the snowy roads. I'll guess 8?