Friday, May 9, 2008

i have been kind of bad with this whole blog thing lately but i can say i have a good reason.

i can also say this week has been the worst week of my life. i wont go through it day by day but some major events, and I'm not just trying to make you feel bad for me.
  • the passing of my grandpa
  • getting lunch detentions
  • getting sick :( never fun
  • telling my drill coach that i quit then having her tell me just to think about it some more
  • telling her again that i quit and that I'm happier not doing it
  • telling Christy that i quit but then taking it back because i love my studio
  • district dance concert (which makes me miss my grandpas viewing)
  • missing dance party where they announce officers (which i tried out for) for my grandpas funeral
  • cardinals lost
  • jazz lost
  • and a lot more things

i guess you can kind of get an idea.

i cant wait for like 13 more days because i can just leave all of this behind me when i go to new york.

p.s. another great thing about may 22 is that the best show on earth starts up... any guesses?


Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

why did you get lunch detention? Were you being bad?

susie said...

"So you think you can dance?" Is that what starts?

Julie said...

I don't really count in the guess thing because I've heard the count down every day. But yes Susie, you're right.
One of Kelli's teachers tryed out for the show. She told the girls she signed a contract not to discuss it. And now she's out of town. Sounds to me like we might have to watch for "Dana" her teacher when it starts.

grow up SERIOUSLY! said...

to answer everything, i got the detentions because its the class right after lunch and i guess i am always late. :) then yes it is so you think you can dance and mom you spelled her name wrong. its Dayna. and i know it looks like your name dee dee but not quite the same. :) and she is back now so who knows what is going to happen.