Wednesday, May 14, 2008

lets see...

a lot running trough my mind right now. for example:

  • a week till i go to New York

  • a week till so you think you can dance starts

  • its almost been a year since i started this whole blog thing (and I'm not good at it )

  • i made dance company officer :)

  • I'm going to china for my birthday! and i cant wait

  • I'm dying cuz my dance recital is in about 4 weeks :0

  • my room is a mess

  • my add medicine makes my head hurt so its hard to think

  • maybe i want to do something different with my hair (I'm thinking lighter and shorter but i should do that after the recital)

  • i miss the foxy boxy

  • i don't like homework and school

  • i should get a job

  • i need to finish getting signed up for byu this summer

  • i should write Trent a letter cuz its been a while

  • i need more sleep

so i guess that was a little bit too inside my head but hey life goes on. right?

oh and any ideas about my hair, greatly appreciated.


phillup and mandy said...

I think chunky highlights would be so cute! I also miss boxy. And now I miss Garr and he hasn't even been gone a day. This sucks. I am so jealous that you are going to china!!! Think of all the purses you can buy!!! So JEALOUS

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Dont forget to add "clean my room" to the list. Your a messy girl!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

ps I think you should do highlights

Susie said...

~Congrats on making officer!
~I may want you to pick up some purses for me in china..jealous!

Alex Brittany said...

When is your room not messy? Or when was the last time Dianna didn't clean it for you? In your face

Kanien said...

Way to go on making officer. Can I just say I am jealous you are going to New York, one of my favorite places and CHINA. Man I hope you have a lot of fun. I miss you guys!