Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For those of you who do look at my blog... That don't have facebook... And who have not seen these....

our awesome photographers were:
Kristy Cannegieter and Jenny Fjeldsted
here are a few of our pictures!!! <3

on the train tracks... (Kristy)

all of us!!! my best friends!!!! (jenny)

Andi and Sarah just chatting away ha ha (Kristy)

beautiful Sarah (jenny)

LOVE this one of Sarah! (jenny)

this one is insane also! (Kristy)

LOVE this one of Sarah!! (jenny)

goofy looking me (Kristy)

pretty cool reflection! (Kristy)

salt water on my legs is not fun! (Kristy)

trying to walk on water... (Kristy)

i am so happy i could do leaps!! the other girls couldn't because they couldn't get the tutu's wet. else they would die! ha ha (Kristy)

LOVE this one!!! (Kristy)

dancy dance!! (Kristy)

my first attempt at jumping ha ha (Kristy)

jazz hands are a MUST!!!! (Kristy)

Andi is SO good!! i miss her! (Jenny)

i think this one is too cool for school! (Jenny)

love this one of Andi! (jenny)

maybe my favorite of them all!! (Kristy)

she is amazing!!! (Jenny)

so there ya have it!! loads of pictures!!! <3 i can't wait for the next time they want to take pictures of us!! they were SO much fun to work with!!!


Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Not sure about those jazz hands but you do look pretty!

Brattany :) said...

Koali!! You look so gorgeous in all of those pictures!! Thanks for putting all of them up! There were lots I hadn't seen!

Julie said...

Love the dance photos. To bad you had all the stuff on your wrist.

I want to make prints!

Susie said...

yeah, I was wondering about the bracelets...

Great pics!!

Alex said...

kelli, why do you like viagra so much? are you trying to get with hugh hefner?