Wednesday, October 20, 2010


because i love music so much i am doing yet another post about it!

this time is because of fun.
my most favorite band right now. and because i love them so much i was extremely lucky to start liking them at the perfect time.
on Saturday i went to their concert with my best friend Hannah.
can you say best concert i have been to??
besides getting stranded after the concert (because we missed the last trax train) it was an awesome night! including the time it got quite and Hannah and i yelled "marry me Andrew!" and he pointed to us. ahhhhh!!!! i am crazy about them! and Nate's voice is one of my favorite things right now.... to say the least i have a big crush on him. He started off in the format but then started fun. and i couldn't be more happy about it.

Hannah's lover

such a "fun" time! ;) hahaha

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