Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i HEART music

So it has been said that I don't take care of iPod's, seeing as how i am on my seventh one already, but in all honesty i use them so much i don't think it is strange that i have had so many (two of those were not really mine too...).

my first one, an AWESOME shuffle that got used a ton, went through the washer. then you could count me using Mark's iPod until it decided to just die. Next would be my green nano that i used for many years and it just slowly started to die but still, to this day, can be used but my amazing parents got me a new silver nano for my birthday. during the time of me using that iPod i bought a different nano off of my friend which was lost after a while and once Trent left i just slowly took over his iPod. which i had every intention of giving it back to him when he got home, but only a few months before he was to come home it was stepped on. consider the screen shattered. it would still play music but you couldn't see anything. and me being the wonderful nice sister that i am, i put money into Trent getting a new one.

I loved my dearest silver nano until a few weeks ago. Me and that baby went through a few things together. so I'm just walking out of a meeting for dance talking with my aunt and it slips out of my hand. normally i would just pick it up no big deal but i just knew something was wrong and i was right. the screen had shatter. i almost started to cry right then and there. for most people this would suck but it wouldn't be too big of a deal, but for me this was life changing. music is my life! i always have it playing. always. and not only that, its my job! i was freaking out! i had about 4 hours maybe until i had to teach and the iPod was done. i ran down to gateway to the apple store and the guy said that they could fix it for 100 bucks. LAME! and it couldn't even be done right then. i was stressing and i will admit i wasn't being totally pleasant. so i snapped back at the guy and said that that wouldn't fly with me and if i was going to shell at that much money for it i might as well get a new one. being the GREAT employee he was he offered that i could turn it in and for 30 dollars more i could get the NEW nano. * OOo's and awe's* psych! if i am going to get a new iPod its gotta be more than 8GB.

I left still pretty pissed and went to go buy one at a cheaper place. Sam's Club... all out! Costco had one!!! i almost cried out in joy (i know i am lame)! after having a problem, they gave me the wrong one so we had to go back and get the right one, i was at home putting music on it just in time to teach dance.

i couldn't love this iPod more! its the newest iPod touch (i figured 32GB was enough). it has face time (which would be WAY cool if i knew anyone that had it too ha ha) and all the other awesome apps! plus its really nice not having to switch out music when i wanted to put something on it. AND miss Julie LOVES to play angry birds (or as she likes to call it "dirty birds" ha ha) and Trent wasn't a big fan of her taking his.

now that you can see i am a HUGE nerd when it comes to music, i am a SUCKER for new music. my wonderful jazz teacher is always playing new tunes for us. so its only natural for me to listen to them. i also have a bunch of friends who listen to all sorts of different stuff and are about as big of freaks as me, so we share stuff all the time! and i can't help but mention one of my favorite apps.... PANDORA RADIO!!!!!!!!! it gets me SO many songs! :)

some of my new favorite stuff is:
-Two Door Cinema Club
you cant help but be happy when you listen to this band
i have heard some of their stuff before but now i am obsessed
-Miike Snow
great dance music
-Just about anything Pandora suggests
which makes it about all kinds of music ha ha
.......and last BUT certainly not least......

words can not express how much i love fun.


Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Yes you are are a huge nerd! But Brody loves your ipod almost as much as you so I should be nice. You love me!

Julie said...

Really? You didn't mention ripping on the guy at the apple store. I thought you just took it out on us. :)

And angry birds? neither you or Trent let me have a chance to play. hmm...I might have to get my own ipod just to play that one.