Monday, June 2, 2008


i cant believe in 4 days i will have had this blog for a year... so i guess i can say happy birthday bloggy! :)
some more big events coming up...
  • 13 days till fathers day... any suggestions?
  • 25 days till the best day of the year!
  • 15 days till my dance recital starts... post later to come explaining it
  • 20 days till i leave for china

and that is only this month

there is a lot i have to get done, as in cleaning my bedroom, so i better go but i just figured i should start using this cuz i guess it is how some of you start conversations with me... :) just kidding

p.s. so you think you can dance is the best show EVER! ( i will post some more on this later... :) oh and also post about new york, and maybe put some pictures up)


grow up SERIOUSLY! said...

wow i forgot that school is out in like 3 days :)

phillup and mandy said...

kell bell, i want to see pics of new york, and did you get those clothes i left in your bed room?

susie said...

...and 4 days until you have dinner at my house.