Tuesday, June 17, 2008

dont really have time for this

don't know why I'm doing this cuz i have no time this week... here's
the play by play
  • yesterday was dress rehearsal all day at Kingsberry hall and party at my house
  • today i have another dress rehearsal at 2:30 then preform at 7 then go out to eat with all my dance friends at the pie
  • tomorrow performance at 7
  • Thursday performance at 7 , maybe hang out with Travis :), go to late night breakfast with girls from dance, help with youth conference at 8
  • Friday drive down to snow collage for youth conference
  • Saturday drive back from snow and get packing
  • Sunday head to the air port for the biggest adventure i have yet to go on
  • Monday-Sunday big adventure with Mandy my dad and Chris and some other guys form my dads work (i think)
  • some time in this day i have to fix my costume (rug) sew my pointe shoes,
    clean my room (most likely not going to happen), and so much more...


Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Kelli your did a good job on all of your dances!

Anonymous said...

even though my shoes feel off :(

Susie said...

Really? you don't think you'll clean your room?