Wednesday, June 25, 2008

its really not 1 in the morning for me

so its like 4 in the afternoon and i have nothing to do so I'm posting

here is the low down on our dinner last night.

consisted of:
  • shark fish
  • mushroom soup
  • fried chicken
  • lobster (that kept looking at me)
  • some shell fish and noddles ( that i ate... i know hard to believe. OK i didn't eat the fish, my dad did, but i ate the noodles)
  • octopus soup
  • some desert rolls ( kind of tasted like snickers bars)
  • flying space ships (kind of like a sweet Peta bread)
  • deep fried pork (Mandy's way of describing it was like chick filla)
  • cucumber juice
  • hot corn juice
  • beef (kind of a spicy flavor)
  • tapioca pudding (at least that's what my dad told me it was)
  • more stuff that i cant remember
did i mention that this was a 3 store restaurant that when you walk in you go to the giant fish tanks and pick out what you want to eat... i wish i would have brought my camera to take pictures of it.

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Julie said...

Are you eating enough? Or are you glad you took granola bars and stuff? Definately take pictures! even of the food and maybe a bathroom or two.